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Made for Your Trade

Made for Your Trade

Made for Your Trade

Made for Your Trade


MEGAPRO Tools Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

Trusted & Proven Multi-bit Screwdrivers

At MEGAPRO, we are worldwide screwdriver experts and innovators of multi-bit drivers. To get there, we’ve put 20 years into designing the best, toughest multi-bit screwdriver for professionals.

We’re always committed to providing innovative products of the highest quality to professional trades people and DIY warriors alike. The invention and development of the MEGAPRO Screwdriver started with one simple idea: There must be a better way to store screwdriver bits in a “hollow handle” screwdriver. Today, there are over 20 variations of the MEGAPRO multi-bit screwdriver from the original to ratcheting and from tamperproof drivers to those specifically designed for the HVAC or Automotive trades. Proudly made in America, every MEGAPRO driver has a lifetime warranty.

MEGAPRO Replacement Bits

Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver Sizes

Original 15-in-1

The “Original” all-in-one screwdriver, as it is aptly named, was the first and is our most popular seller. It features multiple slotted, square and phillips screwdriver bit sizes for almost any project.

Tri Wing Screwdriver

Tamperproof 2

The MEGAPRO Tamperproof 2 tri-wing screwdriver features an additional selection of 14 different security fastener driver bits.

Robertson Screwdriver


The Robertson screwdriver features 8 robertson tip sizes manufactured from a specially modified tool steel and carefully heat treated to provide maximum wear and torque.

Torx Bit Set Megalok screwdriver


The durable and drop-resistant Megalok screwdriver includes a torx bit set with an ANSI 1/4″ quick change chuck that locks the bit into the driver!

"The telescoping handle which contains the bits is the most convenient invention I’ve seen on a screwdriver. It feels like some kind of cool James Bond weapon when you pull that handle out and shove it back in like your inserting a clip into a Desert Eagle."

− Arizona Customer

"Couldn’t be happier… I use this aboard my boat and it is so frequently needed that it rarely even makes it back into the tool bag. It has eclipsed all other screwdrivers."

− S. Roberts

"I am a home repair, remodeling and maintenance contractor. I and my employees have been using this particular model and several of its other variations for years. With the constant use and abuse we subject them to, we have yet to break one or have them fail in any way."

− P. Colton

"Great for use in the house reducing the size of the tool box. Excellent quality. A must have."

− J. Brandon

"After ten years (of fairly abusive behavior) the bits don’t show much wear and do not affect functionality."

− D. Jenkins