The MEGAPRO® Story

From Idea to Concept, to Production

The invention and development of the MEGAPRO® screwdriver started with one simple idea: There must be a better way to store screwdriver bits in a “hollow handle” screwdriver. This was the central thought that inspired Hermann Fruhm, the inventor, to address that nagging problem of lost bits and the functionality issues that surrounded the typical multi-bit screwdrivers of the day.

The first step in the process was creating numerous concept sketches and drawings. Next came a prototype fashioned from various materials purchased from hobby shops and plastics supplies companies. The completion of the first prototype was a pivotal moment in the history of MEGAPRO®.

Hermann firmly believed that with solid design and engineering work, the idea could become commercially viable. It was roughly around this time that the Vancouver-based KARO Design firm became involved in the industrial design of the product. The first technical/design drawings were produced in the early 1990′s. Those drawings in turn led to more proto-typing efforts and finally, the first set of moulds were created. These moulds produced what was to become the first MEGAPRO® screwdriver.

The very first version of the product in North America was marketed under the Pik-a-Bit Brand. It quickly gained market acceptance with its highly practical patented features. End-users immediately recognized the screwdriver’s quality and ease of use.

Hermann Fruhm


Hand Tool Manufacturers: MEGAPRO® Today

MEGAPRO’s official start-up date was November 25, 1994 with the incorporation of its parent company, Winsire Enterprises Corporation. MEGAPRO® continues to operate as a privately held company. The worldwide reputation of MEGAPRO® continues to grow and MEGAPRO® International is determined to expand its market base to every corner of the globe. We are committed to being one of the leading hand tool manufacturers that provides innovative products of the highest quality to professional trades people and DIY warriors alike.

Today, there are over 20 variations of the MEGAPRO® screwdriver from the original to ratcheting and from tamperproof drivers to those specifically designed for the HVAC or Automotive trades.

Proudly made in the USA and Canada, every MEGAPRO® screwdriver has a lifetime warranty.