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YouTube Re-launch with All American DIY Expert Paul Ricalde

By August 9, 2017Uncategorized


MEGAPRO Relaunches YouTube Channel by Partnering with All American DIY YouTube Influencer Paul Ricalde

Paul Ricalde during his visit to Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Vancouver, B.C.: Megapro is pleased to announce the relaunch of its YouTube channel this month. They invited YouTube influencer (and DIY Expert) Paul Ricalde, of Paul’s Toolbox, to star in a series of videos. They hired local videographer Diana Berdichevsky, of Berdi Films, to help bring this vision to life. Paul’s Toolbox has over 113,000 subscribers and he has over 16 million views on channel, the perfect audience for Megapro’s products.

The partnership between Paul and Megapro started growing several years ago when they met at an industrial trade show as neighboring exhibitors. Though Megapro has traditionally been a B2B organization, they saw an excellent opportunity in bringing their patented screwdrivers to end users through compelling visual content.

“We were immediately impressed with Paul’s charisma and authenticity,” says Hermann Fruhm, CEO of Megapro, “Paul has been an advocate for Megapro since the day we met and he loves the product! He’s been using it on his channel for a while as part of his usual tool kit. It was a natural fit for us to partner up and see how we could work together.”

With all of the exciting changes in social media and in the digital realm, Megapro felt it was time to invest in some new, professional, and relevant visual content. They filmed everything in Metro Vancouver over three days, and were able to create 13 videos. They created videos featuring DIY projects to really connect with Paul Ricalde’s audience, made some product overviews for marketing materials, and some other interested behind-the-scenes content. These videos will be housed on the Megapro website as well as on Paul’s Toolbox and the Megapro YouTube channel. They will be rolled out between now and next summer and will feature some exciting contests and giveaways, so stay tuned.

This is the beginning of a wonderful partnership that will help make lives just a little bit easier with Megapro and Paul’s Toolbox. Check out the first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xwbx3ii440&t=2s



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About MEGAPRO®  

MEGAPRO’s official start-up date was November 25, 1994 with the incorporation of its parent company, Winsire Enterprises Corporation. Megapro continues to operate as a privately held company with a sterling worldwide reputation. Proudly made in the USA and Canada, every MEGAPRO screwdriver comes with a lifetime warranty. They are committed to being one of the leading hand tool manufacturers, providing innovative products of the highest quality to professional trades people and DIY warriors alike. Today, there are over 20 variations of the MEGAPRO screwdriver: From the Original NAS to the best-selling Ratcheting driver, as well as industry specific tools like the Tamperproof, HVAC, and Automotive drivers.

About Paul Ricalde

Paul Ricalde is a full time Firefighter out of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana. His fire hall was a big contributor and participant after Hurricane Katrina. He has over 25 years of construction experience and runs a DIY YouTube channel on the side aptly named, Paul’s Toolbox. His channel boasts 113,394 subscribers and he has accumulated an impressive 16,162,445 views since he started the channel in 2011.

About Diana Berdichevsky

Diana is a Russian-born Canadian and comes from a long line of filmmakers and artists. She graduated from York University and has been working with ad agencies to represent many brands for the last 10 years. She recently relocated from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she hopes to build a solid clientele and to continue to tell visually compelling and moving stories.







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  • This is one of the Greatest Brothers I have. I love him immensely. He has been making made me proud of him over 40 years .. Paul Ricalde. A firefighter full time, a superb father full time, a construction worker at all times, a cancer survivor, and a colossal hearted, dauntless Warrior of elephantine proportions. As you can tell I use a lot of adjectives to describe Paul, but there are not enough complimentary adjectives to define him. I love Paul Ricalde, I always have, a giant Man of Honor. And I love his beautiful Family.
    I entered into a business partnership w/Paul many years ago and I’ve never known anyone to work so hard @ something, to see it come successfully to fruition. He is Married to Leslie a beautiful phenomenal woman, a nurse helping so many people in and around Jefferson and surrounding parishes, and a equally fantastic mother and homemaker, whose children are all respectful, honorable, loyal, and special in their own way. Two awesome dearly loved young sons & young men. Blake Ricalde and David Ricalde and their very just as awesome, beautiful, ambitious daughter, Jamie all who are loved by me, my family I love them with my life.

  • Albert Eberle says:

    The video you provided, on the replacement of a door jamb. Was very useful to me. Thank you.

  • Larry Andresen says:

    really liked hearing your story at the summit

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